Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our daily soundtrack

Beyond the incessant barks of our over protective pooch, laughter, tears, burps, squeals and chatter are a few songs that can be heard several times a day, every day here in our Little house.

Somehow, when I had Eli the vast library of music in my head was wiped clean leaving only a few, albeit awesome tunes to share.

Everything fits into the A-Team theme song. And I mean EVERYTHING. Try it, it works! I use it when Eli wears his Superman tshirt. Yup-Superman to the A-team. .. .and Eli loves it. Suuuuppperman. Duh duh duh. ... I need  to find the music on You-tube.  Just a sec.

I use this with Eli's nickname: Mr. Poop. .. and it works too. It literally works for everything.
Man, if only the A-Team could step in to help us rescue some babies!!! That would be WAY better than winning Mega Millions! I hope Murdock would let me sit up front in the Helicopter!!

So, I just played this video for dear Eli and he started dancing immediately. I said, "is this Mama's song Eli?" "NO! This is Eli's song." More dancing. All is possible with this A-team.

I fear that revealing every song in our soundtrack will somehow reveal just how strange Eli's home life is.. .hahah. Poor kiddo!

But last night, and the night before that. .. and the night before that, he asked me to sing his new favorite song. I used to sing the Hail Mary to him every night. So I started to sing that and he said no. He wanted the Bumble Bee song. Sounds cute right??

Take a listen to his new favorite song:

What must this poor kiddo dream about after that?



  1. Hi Becki,
    I "stumbled" upon your blog today and just wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for advocating for the RR kids. We adopted from RR in 2010. We brought our daughter, Julia, home. We have six children all together. Our oldest 3 are biological and our younger 3 our adopted. Here is the link to our blog I hope some day to be cheering you on as you & your family bring home a "hidden treasure".

    1. Hello Patty and welcome! Advocating for RR children is such an opportunity for me. ..and my family. THANK YOU for adopting! You are a hero in my book!! I will check out your blog for sure! Keep checking back, I have a couple of things up my sleeves. .. .

  2. Okay, that bumble bee song is actually very cute! I hadn't seen it before :-)